At the Law Office of David Barton, the devotion and personal service which we extend to all of our clients is only matched by our dedication to providing the highest quality Estate, Corporate, and Elder Law Planning services. In fact, we believe so deeply in the importance of the services our firm provides, that we draft health care proxies and general powers of attorney as a free community service to anyone upon request.


The decision as to whether the Law Office of David Barton can assist you with your planning needs is ultimately in your hands. For those of you who choose to embark on the planning process with our firm, you can rest assured that our practice is equipped to meet your changing needs, goals and wishes both now and in the future. As for those who are not quite ready to continue down this road, we are always available should the need arise. In either event, it would be our distinct pleasure to meet with you and your family to answer any questions you may have, as the relationships we develop 


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