Special Needs Planning

Special needs planning is the process by which the family, friends and advisors of an individual suffering from a debilitating disease, illness or disability come together to ensure that the future care and financial security of their disabled, loved-one is provided for. Proper planning for a special needs child or relative will often involve the creation of a supplemental needs trust that will allow finances to be available for the benefit of the disabled individual without interfering with important government benefits such as Medicaid. Additionally, providing for the legal guardianship of a special needs child once they reach 18 years of age is critical in ensuring that legal, financial and personal decisions can be made on their behalf.

We understand that the matters addressed by special needs planning are often unpleasant, uncomfortable, and consequently scary to face; factors that usually lead to putting this type of planning off until tomorrow. However, we urge our special needs clients to consider creating a comprehensive plan as early as possible so that the uncertainty of the future becomes a manageable thought, as opposed to a thundercloud looming in the distance.

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